About Us

Andrew Farrall BSc (Open) MSc (Kent) PhD (Kent) MIET is our main engineer and trainer:

  • IPC CID+ certified PCB designer

  • IPC CID CIT certified trainer

  • IPC CID CIT (Certified Instructor Trainer) 2016-

  • Member of Institute of Engineering and Technology

  • Electronic design (varied markets)

o Full product design and development; specification, concept, test and production documentation

o Design environment development: ‘Right First Time Methodologies”

o EMC & Environmental Product Qualification

o Circuit design; schematic & simulation.

    • CAE / CAD tools:

o Cadence Orcad (Allegro) (std own licence)

o Altium Designer – PCB & Schematic design (own licence)

o Altium Circuit Studio – PCB & Schematic design (own licence)

o Mentor Graphics DX Designer & Logic – schematic entry

o Mentor Graphics PADs – PCB layout

o Mentor Graphics Hyperlynx – SI and EMC analysis

o EM field solvers: Ansoft - HFSS / CST – Microwave Studio

  • PCB Design Summary

o PCB Design training (IPC CID referenced), plus IPC CID accredited courses

o High density complex PCB design and layout.

o Multi-layer designs up to 14 layers, including digital backplanes with BGAs

o High speed digital design, audio / video applications

o High frequency laminates.

o Impedance control, differential pairs, matched lengths, blind & micro vias

o Single/double sided reflow, wave soldering, PIHR. (0402 passives)

  • SMT production and electronic manufacturing

    • member of SMTA.org

o Held Production Management & Engineering positions

o Produced design for manufacturing (DFM) and design for fabrication (DFR) training courses

o IPC-A-610D Trainer (cert’ expired Nov ‘2007).