DfX (Design for Excellence)

presented by Dr Andrew Farrall CID+ BSc MSc PhD MIET IPC CID CIT

Design for Excellence overviews and collates the design iteration reviews for:

o Design for Manufacturing (or Fabrication) for PCB bare board

o Design for Assembly (electronic component attachment)

o Design for Test (PCB electronic assembly)

o Design for the Environment (operating criteria of PCB assembly)

o Design for Reliability (of the PCB electronic assembly)

· 1 day duration:

o Next course date: please contact.

o Location: To be decided.

· Theoretical based, with Certificate of attendance on completion for training record.

· Memory stick with e-copy of presented, material and additional resource information.


Design / PCB fabrication / electronic assembly pathways

    • Industry fundamentals linked to IPC standards

  • Managing design complexity through the product life cycle

  • Design team dynamics

Design iterations:

o DfM / DfF

§ Generic tolerances to enable fabrication globally for improved yields and hence lower cost.

o DfA

§ Consideration of SMD and PTH placement criteria

§ soldering processes (reflow, intrusive reflow, wave, selective and hand)

§ Handling, panelisation, de-panelisation

o DfT

§ Test methodologies overview (functional, in-circuit, JTAG)

§ Inspection criteria

o DfE

§ Operating temperature ranges, storage temperature

§ Thermal balance and cooling options

§ Noise and voltage considerations with temperature

o DfR

§ Failure modes of PCBs and components including ESD

§ Design guidelines for good and bad practice

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